You must not know these secrets about the milk powder package.


Although breast milk is very good food for babies, some mothers cannot provide babies with breast nursing for some reasons and can only substitute the breast milk with milk powder. Actually, there are many little secrets about the milk powder package. Do you know them? ...
Hollow-out design of milk powder spoon

Hollow-out design is applied to the head and handle of milk powder spoons of many brands. It seems like that it is not firm enough. In fact, this design aims to improve the accuracy when taking milk powder. The hollow-out spoon handle can guarantee that each spoon of milk powder stays inside the spoon head and will not stay on the spoon handle.

Anti-counterfeiting sourcing code at the bottom of milk powder

After some imported milk powder flows into a market in accordance with laws, the milk powder brand will launch its anti-counterfeiting sourcing code. When buying products, consumers can inquire the milk source, factory, inspection and entry information by scanning the code and can also get gifts with integration points by scanning the QR code. Therefore, the official anti-counterfeiting label is also an evidence

Why the manufacture date of some milk powder is relatively early?

In fact, this is related to the process. The manufacture date of milk powder produced with the wet process basically is the real manufacture date, because this process can make milk become milk powder within two hours. The manufacture date marked on the package of milk powder produced with the dry process is the filling date. So, observing the date is one of the skills when selecting milk powder.

In addition, some children have special physical fitness and cannot use the standard modified milk powder, or need to use milk powder containing specific substances. Parents should pay special attention to the above issues. Otherwise, it is easy to do harm to children.

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