Purpose of used milk powder cans


1. Milk powder cans can be used for storing melon seeds, peanuts, biscuits and other foods that are easy to get damp. In such a way, they will not get damp even after storage for a long time (as long as it is within the expiry date).

2. Milk powder cans can also be used as heat insulation barrels. The specific method is as follows. You can take some sponge or styrofoam and wrap the milk powder can with it to realize heat preservation.
 You can also place the milk powder bottle carrying the dissolved milk powder in the wrapped milk powder can and cover it, so that your baby can drink the hot water during travel. People often carry water in travel, but sometimes water is easy to get cold, and babies cannot drink cold water. So, this is a good idea.

3. The milk powder cans can also be used as saving boxes. You can place all your coins into a milk powder can. When it is full, you will find there are so many coins. You save so much money. Just let it be your little bank!

4. Milk powder cans can also be used for storing toys!
 You can place small toys and even books in it, so that it will not be so untidy; you can also use it as a magic barrel and place some foods in it, such as small steamed buns, animal-shaped biscuits, etc. You can also place building blocks in it and let your baby to find them and then let the baby say what he/she has found. This can train your baby's ability to know objects and improve your communication.

5. Milk powder cans can also be used as stools.
6. Ready-made tissue box: you can wash and dry the empty milk powder can, let your child wrap it with the color the child likes, dig a round hole in the center of the plastic cover, place a tissue roll into the can and cover it, and then you can draw the tissue from the round circle. You can make good use of waste materials with simple processing. The key issue is that you can develop the operational ability of children. It is of great significance.
7. Milk powder cans can be used as vases or flower pots.

8. Milk powder cans can also be used for carrying crops.

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