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Products obtained by the national patent evaluation agency determined that the circulation in the market is not affected by infringement. Raw materials comply with FDA Food and Drug Administration standards (food grade PP medical syringes equivalent). The appliance is easy to use and the clean spoon can be removed from the lid. Spoons are attached to prevent fingers from coming into direct contact with food. Safety and hygiene, closed moisture, dust seal, anti-theft lock piece and other peace of mind design. Suitable for milk powder, protein powder, nutrition, organic products, special medicine and other food packaging. Colors can be customized.
502 iron can bottom
Size: φ131X9mm
Material: PP

①Exclusive patented design, exclusive exclusive.

②Raw materials using food grade PP, in line with the FDA Food and Drug  Administration standards.

③fold up and down repeatedly use more than 200 times without breaking.

④The lower ring boss and the upper cover close when the dust-proof role, the upper cover plug closed to the bottom ring eaves to play a moisture-proof sealing role.

⑤humanized design, unique shape fashion. Anti-theft peeling design is reasonable, transportation, friction, display is not easy to break, automatic assembly more smooth.

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