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Shanghai food machinery and packaging technology exhibition 2019


Shanghai food machinery and packaging technology exhibition 2019

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Exhibitiontime: May29-31,2019  
Venue:*conventionand exhibition center-Shanghai hongqiao 
Exhibition time: May 29-31, 2019
Venue: * convention and exhibition center - Shanghai hongqiao
Organizer: China entry-exit inspection and quarantine association
Organizer: Shanghai golden commercial exhibition co., LTD
The exhibition background
Food industry is the pillar industry of China's national economy, and food machinery is an industry providing equipment for the food industry. With the improvement of people's requirements for food culture and the prosperity of restaurants, restaurants and other catering industry, the quality and safety of food and beverage has been increasingly valued by all sectors of society, which directly drives the demand of relevant food machinery and also provides a precious opportunity for the development of China's food machinery industry market. FIF CHINA procurement fair has been successfully held in Shanghai for several times and achieved great success. The fair has attracted nearly a thousand food machinery and packaging technology industry * suppliers from over 40 countries and regions and tens of thousands of professional buyers to participate in the fair. In order to better promote the development and cooperation of food machinery and packaging technology industry, and promote the win-win cooperation between domestic and foreign food machinery and packaging technology enterprises and food and beverage manufacturers. The organizing committee will hold the "11th Shanghai international food machinery and packaging technology exhibition 2019" in Shanghai * convention and exhibition center from May 29 to 31, 2019. This exhibition gathers the authoritative industry associations and media at home and abroad, integrates product display, procurement, trade matching and seminars, and will become an indispensable annual event for the food machinery and packaging technology industry. During the exhibition, a food industry technology exchange meeting will be held. Experts from the food processing industry of various countries will have in-depth discussions on how to improve the domestic food machinery and packaging technology and the future trend.